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Merit Employee Changes:  Information regarding upcoming Merit Employee changes 

The classification and compensation review has officially been kicked off! University Human Resources (UHR) will be collaborating with Aon Consulting and campus stakeholders throughout the duration of the review.

The intent of this review is to provide a consistent and modern classification structure that aligns with the university mission – to be fair, equitable, compliant, and enables the recruitment, retention and reward of P&S employees. The following outcomes should be achieved throughout the duration of the review:

  • Create and establish a university-wide compensation philosophy for P&S staff
  • Develop defined job categories and job families for P&S jobs
  • Develop a defined P&S pay structure that balances market, equity and performance
  • Develop defined pay administration policies and practices to maintain a modern and competitive pay program
  • Better define pathways for P&S career development

The first steps of this process will include; Aon Consulting representatives meeting with university leaders to document the state of the current P&S structure and gain an understanding of the shape and needs of a successful new structure could look like. Following, UHR will ask P&S employees and their managers to complete a job documentation process; summarizing what each employee does at ISU. This collection process is designed to give UHR and Aon Consulting a better understanding of the variety of work being done on campus.

UHR is working to develop a website where specific information, updates and FAQs will be posted to ensure campus is kept up to date on the progress being made.

If there are specific questions about the review an email may be sent to uhrcc@iastate.edu. To read more please find a recently published Inside Iowa State article here