Checklist for verifying completion of Payroll forms

Checklist for Employers

All forms in the Payroll Sign-Up Packet are to be completed and signed in ink on the first day of employment.  If a person has been previously employed, please call Records Management: 294-6456, for verification.

If employee does not have a social security number, one must be obtained from the Social Security Office, 600 5th Street, Phone: 233-5017.  Put the temporary number in spaces that call for a social security number.  Complete documents and send to the Records Management Office and when they receive their card, they must bring it to the Records Management Office in 3810 Beardshear Hall.

Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9):

__ Employee must complete Section 1.  Employee MUST sign and date form.  This must be done on or before the first day of employment

__Employer completes Section 2 by examining documents listed on back of I-9 Form within three day of employment: (No photo copies or faxes are acceptable)

Employer writes in:

__ Document title                __ Issuing authority

__ Document number          __ Expiration date, if any

If Social Security Card used as a form of ID Under List C of the I-9 Form, Employer must print employee’s name and number as it appears on their social security card. (If name is spelled incorrectly, we must use incorrect spelling until a new card is obtained).  Have them bring the new card to the Records Management Office.

Social Security cards that say “Not valid for Employmentcannot be used as documentation for the I-9, but can be used to verify a social security number for payroll purposes.

__ Fill in employee's start date.

__ Person verifying ID's must sign, print name and title & date.

Nonresident Aliens must have their I-9 Form completed by International Students & Scholars Office, Room 3248, Memorial Union, 294-1120.

Employees must be 14 years or older.

Ages 14 & 15 require an Iowa Child Labor Law Form obtained from their high school principal or the Work Force Development Center & a copy of birth certificate.  These documents MUST be filed with their I-9 form.

Ages 16-17 require Iowa Child Labor Law Form or copy of birth certificate to be filed with their I-9


Address Change / Direct Deposit / Directory Information:

__ Employee's name at top of form.

Direct Deposit:

__ Attach a check marked "void" for direct deposit, or verify bank numbers using bank card (not ATM card or Deposit slip).

__ Have they circled “Checking” or “Savings”?

Work Address Information:

__ Employee must provide campus address.

__ Employees mark the appropriate Base.

Home Address:

__ Where do they want the W-2 in January mailed?

__ Indicate whether or not they want listed in the directory.

__ Employee’s signature & date.

Equal Opportunity Survey:

Required form

Recruiting Sources:

Required form
Federal and State W-4 Forms and Tax Treaties:

__U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens - self-explanatory.

__ Nonresident aliens:  Follow directions carefully on “Directions” sheet.

To elect the Tax Treaty, or if they have specific tax questions, refer them to Payroll, 3608 ASB, 294-6556 

__ Employee's signature & date.