FAQ Specific to Non-Organized

  • Who/what Merit positions are considered non-organized?

Neither non-organized supervisory Merit positions nor Confidential Merit positions are covered under the provisions of the AFSCME collective bargaining contract. Go to the below links for definitions of each group.
                        Non-Organized Supervisory Merit Definition

                        Non-Organized Confidential Merit Definition

  • Can supervisory or confidential employees join the union?

Chapter 20 of the Code of Iowa excludes Supervisory and Confidential employees from coverage under the collective bargaining process.

  • How is the pay for non-organized employees determined?

Employees in non-organized supervisory classifications have pay that is determined by legislation and enacted by the State of Iowa General Assembly. These salaries are listed on the Non-organized supervisory pay matrix. Generally, non-organized supervisory employees will receive the same pay increases to their pay matrix that the organized Merit and Confidential employee receive.

Since confidential employees maintain the same classification titles as Merit employees who are covered by collective bargaining, their pay plan and pay increases will follow the Merit increases determined by the collective bargaining process and are the same as organized employees in the respective classifications.

  • Do insurance benefits change if an employee becomes part of the non-organized unit?

Employees in non-organized supervisory classifications have benefits that are the same as the Professional and Scientific and Faculty benefits and are determined by legislation.

Employees in confidential positions have the same benefits as determined in the AFSCME bargaining process for organized Merit employees.

Or contact the Benefits Office at 294-7680 for more information.