Department Tuition Assistance

Tuition Department/Unit Assistance

Iowa State University departments/units may provide tuition assistance to their employees for professional development. A supervisor and an employee discuss the employee's need for tuition and other assistance. The discussion will also include the arrangements to accommodate time away from the workstation. Satisfactory employee performance and available budget are the only restrictions.

When the departments/units provide assistance (tuition, books, fees, time away, etc.), the following apply:

Eligibility: Non-temporary/permanent appointment of continuous service of one year or longer. Eligibility begins the first day of employment.

Coursework: Work related graduate coursework approved by the supervisor. Undergraduate degree coursework may be in any discipline.

Reimbursement: At the same rate as the institution's resident tuition with no predetermined credit hour minimum or maximum. This assumes satisfactory performance and the budgetary capacity to support the stipulated educational pursuits of the employee.

Reimbursement priority: Regent institutions, institutions of higher education with a partnership agreement with Regent institutions, external accredited institutions.

If you or your supervisor have questions, send an email to: