Public Speaking

Public Speaking/Public Presentations

Meeting Masters

Course description:  Meeting Masters is a highly interactive workshop that allows participants to practice the skills of effectively preparing, managing, facilitating and actively participating in meetings.  Participants learn to improve the productivity of meetings by translating leadership behaviors into practical steps. 

Through the use of lecture, role playing and active learning, participants utilize their new skills in real-life simulations.  The end result is that meetings back at work become more focused, efficient, quick, targeted and, more importantly, productive.  

Vendor:  The Meyvn Group
Length: 8 hours
Minimum/Maximum participants:  15/20

 Objectives: After participating in this session, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the productive and counter-productive reasons for holding a meeting.
  • List effective meeting alternatives and determine when they should and should not hold a meeting.
  • Determine meeting objectives.
  • Develop an agenda to ensure meeting objectives are met.
  • Assign meeting roles to improve participation and follow-through
  • Create a positive meeting climate by developing ground rules and treating people with mutual respect.
  • Identify disruptive behavior.
  • Use questions to facilitate conversation.
  • Keep the discussion on track.
  • Assign follow-up responsibilities and hold people accountable for completing assignments.
  • Evaluate meetings with a spirit of continuous improvement.

Life is a Series of Presentations

Course description:  When you understand that life is a series of presentations you start to understand how presentations skills can be a contributing factor in your success.  In this session we will cover seven skills that will help you be a better presenter whether your presentation is face-to-face, over the telephone, in a meeting or a formal presentation to a group.

Vendor:  ATW Training & Consulting, Inc.
Length:  ½ day, full day or two days.
Minimum/Maximum participants: 15/30

Objectives:  After participating in this session participants should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of presentation skills in their personal and professional success.
  • Learn to identify the needs of the audience prior to presenting
  • Be able to develop an outline for their presentation
  • Learn ways to open and close a presentation with impact
  • Identify ways to deal with difficult audience members
  • Be able to overcome nervousness to become more natural in presentations.

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