Help with PDFs

Throughout the UHR website, you will find documents presented in the PDF format.  PDFs are files that contain text, images, and forms.  To view a PDF, you need the Adobe Reader program from Adobe.  Adobe Reader is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms.  It is free to download and use.

Older versions of Adobe Reader may not properly render the PDF document on screen.  If you are experiencing problems, upgrade to the last version of Adobe Reader by clicking the link provided above.

Some PDFs may contain forms.  Once filled out, you can print off the completed form by going to "File", then "Print...".  Adobe Reader does not preserve text or other form input, so once the PDF is closed, all form input is lost.

If you are having trouble reading the text in the PDF, consider expanding the window to the entire size of the screen.  You can also zoom in or out by going to "View", then "Zoom to...".