CAP - Childcare Assistance Program


Childcare Assistance Program

Thank you for your interest in CAP!  The Childcare Assistance Program provides funds to assist student parents with their child care expenses while they are attending Iowa State University.  Since the cost of care for younger children is greater, the assistanceis intended to supplement childcare costs for a child not yet enrolled in kindergarten services.  The maximum award for the CAP Grant is $1000 per academic year. 

All student parents are encouraged to apply for CAP funds regardless of classification: undergraduate, graduate, professional/Veterinary Medicine, international, special students, and students enrolled less than full time. 

To be eligible, the student parent must:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time at ISU and actively seeking a degree;
  • Be the parent of a child under kindergarten age;
  • Have complete financial information currently on file in the Office of Student Financial Aid and demonstrate financial need and;
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress as required by ISU.

Those eligible and selected to participate may be reimbursed up to $1000 per semester.  Funding is limited!  We cannot assist all those who apply.

Students with the highest financial need will have priority.  Once a completed application has been submitted and student status verified, applications will be ranked according to income and resources.  All applicants will be informed by email, after the above dates, if they will receive funding for the academic year.  Please note:  The actual award amount is based on the student's credit load, tuition costs, income/financial need, family size, age of the child and other resource criteria.  Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Applications will continue to be accepted throughout the academic year.  Once funds are depleted, a waiting list will be kept in the event additional funding is received.  All qualified students are encouraged to apply.

A committee, consisting of ISU students, faculty and staff, together with the Office of Student Financial Aid, ISU Child Care & Family Resource Services, and the accounting services of the University will oversee the CAP process.  The collaboration of entities will analyze, evaluate, and implement the program.

When applying, please remember the following:

As part of their responsibilities, the Office of Student Financial Aid has developed a standard Cost of Attendance (COA) for all student aid applicants.  All monies received by student aid recipients will be used towards meeting your COA.  Child care expenses are unique to each individual aid recipient and not included as part of the standard COA.  Consultation and budget adjustments for child care expenses are available through the Office of Student Financial Aid, 0210 Beardshear Hall.

To apply for CAP:

Complete the application form and return to: 

ISU Child Care & Family Resource Services
100 University Village Suite 1010CAmes, IA 50010
Phone:  (515)294-8827
or (515)294-1049 FAX

For additional help or questions regarding the program, please contact Julie Graden at

For help in locating a child care provider, students can receive information and referral assistance at no cost from the Center for Child Care Resources (CCR).  CCR makes available a list of community child care providers and offers training in the care of young children.  For more information, call 294-8833, 1-800-437-8599 or stop by the office at 100 University Village, Suite 1010.

Thank you for applying to the program!

Julie Graden