ISU/Local 96 Labor Management Committee

A Labor-Management Committee is a voluntary process in which labor and management make a commitment to use interest-based principles and consensus decision-making to develop a statement of purpose and ground rules in order to work together to discuss and resolve workplace problems and improve their relationship.

Such a committee has been formed between ISU and it's clerical bargaining unit, AFSCME Local 96.

The committee has gone through training and has met once to develop it's mission statement and begin developing ground rules.

The jointly developed mission statement reads as follows:


"Our goal is to use open communication and information sharing to identify and address any joint concern for employees and managers of ISU's clerical unit."

The members on the committee are:

  • Kristi Darr, Co-Chair - representing Management
  • Patti Lewis, Co-Chair - representing Labor
  • Cosette Bergman
  • Liese VanderBroek
  • Andy Bock
  • Sok Leng Tan
  • Tim Cook
  • Adam Swihart
  • Diane Muncrief
  • Mary Jo Bergmann

You are invited to share issues and concerns that you believe can be addressed by the committee, with any of the members.

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