AFSCME Voluntary Layoff

Notice to AFSCME Covered Staff

The office of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, has informed us that the State of Iowa and AFSCME/Iowa Council 61, have agreed that, effective July 1, 2009, any employee may volunteer to accept a layoff (see language below).

Click here to complete the voluntary layoff form for submission. While employees can complete the application at any time, applications will be considered for employees in a classification that is identified by a layoff plan. Note that after forms are submitted by employees they will be forwarded to AFSCME/Iowa Council 61 in Des Moines in order to obtain the agreement of the president, and that submission alone does not guarantee acceptance. Our expectation is that each applicant will be contacted by AFSCME to insure that the employee is volunteering freely and with full knowledge of his/her rights.


Section 1 Application of Layoff
The Union recognizes the right of Management to layoff or to reduce the hours of employment in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Article. Such procedures shall not apply to:
        A. Temporary layoff; and/or
        B. Seasonal layoff of seasonal employees; and/or
        C. Employees with an academic year appointment at institutions and schools during recesses in the academic year and/or summer;
        D. Unpaid volunteers only with the agreement of the President of AFSCME Iowa Council 61.
Section 2 General Layoff Procedures
When a layoff or hours reduction occurs, the following general rules shall apply:
        A. Layoff shall be by classification and subtitle as set forth in the job specification.
        B. Layoff shall be by organizational unit.
             (General Government, Board of Regents, and Community Based Corrections, see Appendix B; Department of revenue, see Appendix Q)
        C. An agency may not layoff permanent employees until they have eliminated all non-permanent employees within the layoff unit in the same classification in the following order: emergency, temporary, provisional, intermittent, trainee, and probationary. Employees in the layoff unit may volunteer for layoff with the most senior volunteer(s) being accepted. Employees may volunteer only with the agreement of the President of AFSCME Iowa Council 61.

Should you have questions about Voluntary Layoff, please contact UHR Employee and Labor Relations Office at 294-3753, AFSCME Local 870 (Blue Collar, Technical, Security) at 239-7420, or AFSCME Local 96(Clerical) at 291-3487.