Merit Change in Status

Contract Transfer is a move to a position which is in the same classification that the employee was in previously and is the result of the employee's request to use his/her rights to transfer according to Article VII of the AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement by filing a written request as prescribed by the hiring agency.   There is no adjustment in base pay.

Promotion is defined as a change in status to a higher pay grade. It may be attained by reclassification of an employee's current position or by an employee moving to a vacant position at a higher pay grade.  An employee who is promoted will be moved to the minimum rate of the new grade, or to a higher rate on the new grade which provides an adjustment that is the salary equivalent of one step higher than the employee's present base pay.  In no event will the adjustment result in pay above the maximum of the new grade. 

Transfer is defined as a change from one position to another at the same pay grade level.  Employees who are transferred from one position to another position in the same class or pay grade shall receive no adjustment in base pay, provided that neither position had an advanced pay grade.  If an advanced pay grade is involved, see Merit Rule 3.39(7)c and d.

Demotion is defined as a change in status to a lower pay grade.  The pay of an employee who demotes will be set at any rate within the new pay grade that does not exceed the rate at which the employee was paid in the position from which the employee was demoted.  If an employee accepts voluntary demotion in lieu of layoff, the salary shall be retained providing funding is available.  In no event will the salary exceed the maximum of the new pay grade.