Employee Separation Checklist

Checklist for Separation from ISU - for Employee

Employee Name:  
Resignation Date:  
  Complete Notice of Resignation form on the University Forms page under Human Resource.  
  If retiring, complete Application for Payment of Unused Sick Leave.  
  Check In/Return university property:  
  • ___ Laptop
  • ___ Cell phone
  • ___ Laboratory equipment
  • ___ Safety equipment
  • ___ Tools
  • ___ Library property
  • ___ Keys
  • ___ P-card
  Pay any outstanding university bill.  
  Turn in Parking tag to Department of Public Safety, Parking Division, 27 Armory Building.  
  Provide personal email to be included in the email response to correspondents for up to 6 months after your separation date. Respond to email from IT prior to your term date or contact the Solution Center for assistance if your term date has passed.  
  Contact the Benefits Office for questions on insurance and retirement plans.  
  • University Benefits Office
  • 3810 Beardshear Hall
  • Ames, Iowa 50011-2033
  • 515-294-4800
  • benefits@iastate.edu
  Update home address through AccessPlus for future university correspondence.