Recruitment Planning & Hiring

The best time to reorganize or redistribute job duties is at the time of a vacancy.  Whenever there is a new position or turnover, it is recommended that the department evaluate overall needs, structure and staffing to determine if the position should be refilled or how it should be refilled. Use the following chart to determine your beginning action.


P&S Continuous

ISU Classification and Hiring System (PeopleAdmin 7)

Position Description
(Create or Modify)

P&S  Term

Position Description
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P&S Temporary XH


P&S Emergency Term




ISU Classification and Hiring System (PeopleAdmin 7)



Merit Permanent

ISU Classification and Hiring System (PeopleAdmin 7)

Position Description
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Merit Seasonal


Merit Temporary XH

Advanced Services, Inc (ASI)

Request Form for ASI
ISU Classification and Hiring System (PeopleAdmin 7)


Additional Information to Consider

Writing a Position Description (PD) Job Aid

For information on how to formulate all of the components for an effective PD (e.g., job duties, required qualifications and experience, essential functions, KSA’s), click on the following link provided by UHR Classification & Compensation.

[Writing a Position Description Job Aid]


Based on the desired start date for the position, it is important to plan out a realistic timeline of events to include items such as prospective updates to the duties/classification; search committee formulation; advertising period; posting close date; rating of applicants; request for interview approval; phone screenings; on-campus interviews; hiring proposal request; and reference and background checks.


Required Qualifications

The required qualifications reflect the minimum level of education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities it takes to do the job. These are what the applicant's qualifications will be measured against to determine if "qualified" or "not qualified".



Required Qualifications are standard and cannot be changed. These are listed under Class Specification on the Classification Description that can be found on the Non-Organized Merit and Organized Merit listings.  

Additional "Special Qualifications" may be requested as required within the guidelines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Board of Regents Merit System Rules.


Required qualifications are standardly written in terms of years of education and experience.  They have been established for each P&S classification and can be found at UHR Classification & Compensation Information.  The hiring department may request a specific type of education and/or experience as applicable to the position.


Faculty minimum required qualifications are based on input of the faculty and follow the departmental and college governance documents relating to faculty hiring.  The expectation is generally a Master's degree for non-tenure-eligible positions and a terminal degree for tenure and tenure-eligible ones.

Contract (K base)

No university-wide defined required qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications

The preferred qualifications reflect what additional education, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities contribute to successful job performance. These are what the applicant’s qualifications will be measured against when determining who to interview.

Series Advertisement

A P&S or Faculty posting may be advertised with multiple titles, such as "Assistant, Associate or Full Professor" or "Research Associate I/II".

Consider a series if:
  • Unknown applicant pool and unsure if able to recruit at higher classification level.
  • Known diverse applicant pool where may be able to recruit qualified applicants at all experience and salary expectations.

Please Note: If a department/unit decides to advertise a series, two PD's must be submitted for each level at the initial time of request.

Recruitment Strategy and Advertising

Each position type has minimum advertising requirements. For additional information, refer to the following link which outlines the minimum advertising requirements and advertising resources.

[Hiring - Advertisement]

Application Materials

Education and experience is measured in terms of years of full time education and work to determine if applicant meets the required qualifications.



Application with education and work history is required.  

Contract, Profressional and Scientific, and Faculty

Application, resume, cover letter, and names and addresses of references are usually requested.

Additional materials may be requested to help measure the applicant’s qualifications (i.e., a writing sample, design work, publications)

Supplemental Questions

The online application allows supplemental questions that are asked of each applicant for the vacancy. The hiring department may wish to select from existing supplemental questions or propose new ones must be approved by UHR Recruitment.

These are most useful:
  • To screen applicants who do not meet the required qualifications.
  • To clarify qualifications which are not obvious from a typical resume/ application form.
  • To assist in rating the applicants against the advertised preferred qualifications.
  • To assign points or disqualifying responses to assist the search committee with rating applicants.

Search Committee

There is no requirement to involve a search committee, although they are recommended for administrative and faculty searches. For all other positions, hiring managers should decide if they want to involve others in the selection process. If formed, a committee is typically representative of the groups that have a significant interest in the position. The size of the group needs to be balanced between being as representative as possible while not being so large as to hinder the effectiveness of the group and ability to find times when everyone can meet.

Rating and Routing Applicants for Interview Selection

The Posting Admin must review each applicant and provide a rating (either hiring manager’s rating or on behalf of the search committee). The rating range is Qualified 0- Qualified 5 or Not Qualified; with Qualified 5 being the rating of the best qualified candidate(s) based on the preferred qualifications listed on the posting.

[Rating and Routing Applicants Job Aid]

Reference Checks

For positions covered by the Employment Verification and Background Check Policy, hiring decisions shall not be made without a meaningful check of the candidate’s references. The department will check references on, at a minimum, the candidate selected for hire.

[Guidelines for Checking References]

Employment Verification and Background Checks

UHR will initiate the specific background check for the candidate(s) as directed by the hiring department. New hires should not begin employment until the background check is complete and the hire has been approved by UHR. Tenure and Tenure-Track faculty hires will be approved contingent upon the successful completion of the background check.  Non-tenure faculty, P&S and Merit hires will be approved by UHR when the background check is complete.

Iowa State University has contracted with General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) to conduct background verifications. Candidates should be advised by the hiring department to watch for an email from, entitled ‘Action needed in connection with your application with Iowa State University’.

[Background Check Process/FAQ]