Classification and Compensation


Class Code: 7203
Pay Grade: 113

General Class Description

Schedule, supervise and coordinate the work of skilled service staff in a large departmental service unit. Under general supervision, performs and has operational responsibility for difficult technical procedures related to the preparation of sterile instruments, supplies and equipment for use in medical and surgical procedures; maintains environmental integrity and equipment of Central Sterilizing Service.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs human resource functions including interviewing, selection, training, performance evaluation, promotion and disciplinary action. Knowledge of and implement human resource policies and procedures including the AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  2. Schedule, supervise and coordinate the work of the technicians: schedule daily assignment, monitor work schedules, coordinate and monitor leave time, establish training schedules, and assign overtime. Perform payroll functions and oversees the assignment of staff into work areas.
  3. Train and evaluate employees in new or revised work methods and procedures and oversee the orientation of new employees.
  4. Responsible for writing and conducting staff competencies.
  5. Sets and monitors productivity in assigned areas according to established standards and procedures. Responsible for the quality and quantity of output and insures that Quality Assurance tasks are performed.
  6. Respond to emergent requests and concerns presented by the operating room, nursing areas and clinics and reacts in a safe, efficient manner. Makes recommendations for changes to alleviate future problems.
  7. Provides expertise regarding technical procedures related to the preparation of sterile instruments, supplies and equipment for use in medical and surgical procedures; maintains environmental integrity of CSS.
  8. Recommend measures to improve production/service methods, equipment performance, scheduling, quality control, and suggest changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency and safety of the unit.
  9. Supervises and monitors budgets and makes changes involving the functions of decontamination, sterilization, assembly and distribution of medical instrumentation and supplies.
  10. Oversees the inventory levels of instruments and supplies used in the department and obtains replacements when needed.
  11. Serves as hospital wide resource on complex and or technical questions related to sterilization, decontamination, disinfection, and maintenance of sterile supplies.
  12. Interprets manufacturer specifications for care and handling of instrumentation and determines proper sterilization techniques.
  13. Performs administrative activities including the preparation of specific and periodic reports, maintains inventory records, established quotas, assess and analyzes the ordering of supplies and instrumentation, and recommends changes to inventory levels when appropriate.
  14. Directly monitors equipment performance and initiates requests for repairs. Provides justification to departmental management for major repairs and/or replacement of equipment. Ensures PM checks are completed.
  15. Attends management meetings to evaluate new service requests, discuss policies and procedures and plans for growth and change within the department.
  16. Maintains compliance with safety standards to assure adherence to university, state, and federal codes and regulations, as well as, industry standards. Ensures that appropriate documentation relating to monitoring and work related injuries are filed.
  17. Reports major concerns and resolutions, as well as, information of an operational nature to department management as appropriate.
  18. Attends (and communicates via in-service education) seminars, conferences and institutes designed to increase personal knowledge of central sterilizing operations, techniques and standards, staffing and dependent budgets.
  19. Evaluates requests from other institutions to borrow supplies or instruments and approves in collaboration with nursing managers when appropriate. Follows up to insure return or replacement.
  20. Performs other duties as assigned by manager.
  21. Develops and maintains solid working relationships with peers and operating room personnel.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of human resources including performance management, scheduling, interviewing, training, and evaluations.
  2. Maintains a high skill level in sterilization techniques and advises medical staff and others concerning policies pertaining to sterilization and the maintenance of sterile products.
  3. Knowledge of the precautions necessary to safely handle trays of sharp, delicate contaminated instrumentation, equipment and supplies.
  4. Knowledge of the mechanical operation of various types of sterilizing and cleaning equipment and keeps current with the technological changes in equipment.
  5. Knowledge of unit staffing needs and ability to schedule, assign and direct the work of the technicians.
  6. Skilled in all functional areas of central sterilizing and possesses the ability to supervise Central Service Technician I’s and II’s.
  7. Ability to maintain records and prepare reports, establish quotas and assess and analyze ordering of supplies and instrumentation.
  8. Knowledge of technical terminology, uses for and physical properties of medical supply items and equipment including high technology changes in fiberoptic and laser equipment.
  9. Knowledge of procedures for inspecting instruments and trays for deterioration and acceptability for use.
  10. Knowledge of windows based computer systems and ability to learn various software applications as they relate to functions of CSS.
  11. Serve as a resource for technical questions related to departmental function.
  12. Serve as a resource for use of instrument tracking system.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must possess and maintain certification from CBSPD or IAHCSMM, and:
  2. One year of experience in functional supervision or project management which demonstrates the ability to trouble shoot and provide oversight to critical operational issues.
  3. Five years central sterilizing services experience including three years as a Central Service Technician II, or;
  4. Certification as a Certified Central Service Technician or certified surgical technologist and four years of experience as a Central Service Technician II or equivalent level, or;
  5. One year of college level physical and natural science courses and two years of experience as a Central Service Technician II.
Revision Effective: 2015-06-07
The tasks listed under the heading of Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities are examples of the variety and general nature of duties performed by employees in positions allocated in the class. The list is descriptive only and should be used for no other purpose. It is not intended that any position include every duty listed nor is it intended that related duties cannot be required.
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