Classification and Compensation


Class Code: 7613
Pay Grade: 110

General Class Description

Under general supervision, responsible for providing administrative supervision over employees who provide care for animals used in research and/or teaching. Also supervises the maintenance and care of facilities and equipment used in animal care. Ensures compliance with federal, state, and/or university regulations regarding the care and use of animals in research and teaching.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs all duties and responsibilities of Animal Caretaker I and II.
  2. Supervises and trains animal care personnel and investigator staff in techniques of animal observation and care, breeding, record keeping, restraints, injections, phlebotomy, tissue harvesting, euthanasia, and other related techniques.  Schedules and reviews work activities of personnel.
  3. Interviews and recommends hiring, evaluates employee performance, and initiates disciplinary actions, promotion, and/or terminations to supervisor.
  4. Directs the maintenance of records (e.g. supplies, breeding information, treatments, etc). Summarizes data and prepares regular reports of activities carried out.
  5. Ensures animals are receiving appropriate care and that facilities and equipment are functioning properly.  Assists in determining if animals meet the criteria for research projects.
  6. Orders supplies or notifies supervisor of need.
  7. Reviews animal operations for compliance with government regulations regarding the purchase, care and use of animals in scientific research.
  8. Treat animals under direction of veterinarian.  Calculates dosages, prepares and administers medication to animals.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Skill in recognizing changes in conditions of animals and animal room environment, malfunctioning equipment, and unsafe conditions.
  2. Skill in maintaining accurate records.
  3. Skill in calculating dosages, administering medication, and obtaining biological samples.
  4. Skill in construction and maintenance of related equipment and facilities.
  5. Skill in communicating and executing oral and written instructions.
  6. Knowledge of standard operating procedures for laboratory animal care or livestock care, as applicable.
  7. Knowledge of federal, state, and/or university regulations regarding animal care and use in research and teaching.
  8. Knowledge of disease transmission, prevention, and control in animals.
  9. Knowledge of reproductive characteristics and behavior in the species.
  10. Knowledge and ability to use computer hardware and software to prepare reports.
  11. Ability to explain policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; to supervise and train other employees; and to organize and prioritize work assignments.
  12. Ability to determine if animals meet the criteria for research projects.
  13. Ability to lift and/or move 50-100 pounds. 
  14. Ability to perform physical labor such as restraining animals, loading and unloading supplies and animals, and standing for prolonged periods of time.
  15. Ability to work around noise, dust, odors, fumes, and extremes in temperature.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  1. Ability to read, write, and follow instructions.
  2. Four years experience and/or education in animal care work, or demonstrated ability in the required skills, or
  3. American Association of Laboratory Animal Science full certification as a Laboratory Animal Technician with a minimum of three years applicable work experience.
  4. Possession of a valid state or commercial driver's license, as required.
Revision Effective: 2001-10-15
The tasks listed under the heading of Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities are examples of the variety and general nature of duties performed by employees in positions allocated in the class. The list is descriptive only and should be used for no other purpose. It is not intended that any position include every duty listed nor is it intended that related duties cannot be required.
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