Classification and Compensation


Class Code: 7911
Pay Grade: 406

General Class Description

Under direct supervision of physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or registered nurse, performs technical, patient care and related clerical functions in an ambulatory setting.  

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assists physician in office or clinic, helping with physical examination of patients, including patient history.
  2. Assists with clinical procedures, facilitating the flow of patients through the clinic.
  3. Reviews medical records for up-to-date immunizations, problem list and other required documentation.
  4. Administers routine oral, rectal or injectable medications not requiring a high level of skill or nursing judgment. (These are medications that can only be administered by certified medical assistants or medical assistants who have completed a formal accredited training program.)
  5. Performs routine laboratory tests such as urinalysis and blood work, does electrocardiograms and x-ray work as needed.
  6. Performs related and routine clerical tasks pursuant to performing the aforementioned duties.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of medical records documentation requirements.
  2. Knowledge of medical instruments and supplies.
  3. Knowledge of routine oral, rectal, and injectable medications.
  4. Knowledge and ability to perform CPR and emergency care procedures.
  5. Ability to maintain patient confidentiality.
  6. Ability to maintain a courteous and respectful approach toward patients, visitors, and fellow staff members.
  7. Ability to work safely and willingness to comply with special safety and health precautions including universal precautions.
  8. Ability to provide care with regard to patient condition and age.
  9. Ability to use supplies and equipment in a cost-efficient manner.
  10. Ability to maintain personal appearance in accordance with dress code.
  11. Ability to be punctual, dependable and flexible (so as to alter work schedule to meet unit/patient needs).
  12. Ability to read and understand instructions and guidelines and to read data indicators.
  13. Ability to maintain effective working relationships.

Class Specifications

Certification as a Medical Assistant or completion of an accredited one year Medical Assistant Program.
Revision Effective: 2005-08-01
The tasks listed under the heading of Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities are examples of the variety and general nature of duties performed by employees in positions allocated in the class. The list is descriptive only and should be used for no other purpose. It is not intended that any position include every duty listed nor is it intended that related duties cannot be required.
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