Separation Checklist (For Departments)

Employee Name:
Separation Date:

Initiate the EPA with reason for separation and vacation payout, as appropriate
Account for and verify return of ISU Property
Lap Top
Cell Phone
Laboratory Equipment
Library Materials
Safety Equipment
Other #1
Other #2
Other #3
Collect P-card and destroy and contact Lesley Lackore ( to cancel the card.
If employee has a University American Express Card, contact Cheryl Ervin to cancel the card.
Contact department and/or College IT staff to remove computer accesses.
Provide departmental email to be included in the email response to correspondents for up to 6 months after an employee’s separation date. Respond to email from IT prior to employee’s term date or contact the Solution Center for assistance if the term date has passed.
Provide Separation Checklist to Employee (Employee checklist can be found here)
Have employee contact parking division about returning parking pass