Employee/Labor Relations - For Employees

The Employee and Labor Relations Office assist with individual questions, conflicts, and issues that arise in the workplace. We work closely with administrators, managers, and human resource professionals to understand the unique needs and objectives of the colleges and units they serve. ER/LR Staff advise and interpret policies, procedures, labor contracts, and key federal and state regulations.  The Employee and Labor Relations Staff may be involved in advising both the employee and management.

Our areas of focus are:

Conflict in the Workplace - Assist managers and employees with alternative approaches to solve conflict in the workplace.

Labor Relations - Administer and interpret the collective bargaining agreement.

Performance Management - Assist departments with enhancing employee performance.

Policy Interpretation - Provide guidance and development of university policies and procedures.

Leave Management - Assist departments with navigating difficult leave situations.

Worker's Compensation - Assist managers and employees with the worker's compensation process.

Grievance Process Management.

Risk Management - Provide guidance on key employment laws and practices to ensure approach minimizes risk for litigation.

Workplace Accommodation Process.