Performance Management - Org. Merit

Performance Management - Organized Merit (AFSCME)

Performance Evaluation (Annual Review)

It is expected that a Merit employee will receive a review at least annually. 

Performance Improvement Plan

A manager may choose to utilize a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) as a way to coach an employee, communicate expectations, and measure an employee's performance.  A Performance Improvement Plan is not a form of discipline. 

Discipline (Due Process)

Policies and Procedures:

Please refer to the AFSCME contract

Article 4- Grievance Procedure

Article 4, Section 9 - Discusses Discipline and Discharge                

Probationary Period:

When an employee is initially hired into an Organized Merit position, he or she serves a 6 month probationary period.  Following the successful completion of his/her probationary period, the employee is considered to have reached permanent status.