Performance Management - Non Org. Merit

Non-Organized Merit (S&C)

Performance Appraisal (Annual Review)

It is expected that a Merit employee will receive a review at least annually.

Performance Improvement Plan

A manager may choose to utilize a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) as a way to coach an employee, communicate expectations, and measure an employee's performance.  A Performance Improvement Plan is not a form of discipline. 

Non-Disciplinary Action

A supervisor or manager may choose to coach or counsel an employee before issuing discipline.  The goal of coaching is to provide the staff member with feedback so that he or she can improve their performance. 

Discipline (Due Process)

Merit Rules

Additional Information can also be found by clicking here.

Probationary Period:

When an employee is initially hired into a Non-Organized Merit position (S&C), he or she serves a 6 month probationary period.  For more information visit the link above to the Merit Rules.