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Organized Merit (AFSCME)

Dealing with Performance Problems

The purpose of Performance Management is to help the employee be successful in his or her position.  When an employee fails to meet the expectations that have been outlined, it is important that management progressively counsel the employee to help him or her meet the outlined expectations. 

The Employee and Labor Relations Office is available to consult with you regarding your questions regarding the appropriate steps to take when addressing employee performance problems.  The Employee and Labor Relations Office may be involved in advising both the employee and management in any of the processes below. 


It is recommended that management counsel employees when a pattern of poor performance/behavior is observed. 


Please visit the State of Iowa/AFSCME 2015-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement for specifics about disciplinary action.  Also for templates, please visit Link to HR on AccessPlus. 

Performance Appraisal (Annual Review)

An employee should at a minimum receive an annual review of their performance.

Forms and Tips for completing an Annual Review - information available in Link to HR - Dept Toolkit - See your HR Liaison for information

Behavioral Observations of Poor Performance

  1. Measuring and Assessing Performance
  2. Outline for Conducting an Effective Performance Review

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

Performance Improvement Plans are often used to monitor a staff member's performance toward the expectations of the position requirements. 

Template of Performance Improvement Plan